Sort through all the Class B RVs to find your perfect campervan!

The Class B Master List is a digital downloadable spreadsheet that contains every Class B / Campervan make and model that you can buy new in the USA, including links to the manufacturers websites for each individual floorplan.

🔹 19 Class B manufacturers with almost 100 different models

🔹 URL links to manufacturers websites

🔹 Filter & Sort by 40 different parameters (length, weight, bathroom, features & more)

Unlock the power of the Class B Master List

Imagine having access to a detailed database containing essential information about every make and model of Class B currently offered in the USA.

The Class B Master List is a spreadsheet designed to provide you with a wealth of knowledge, making it easier than ever to make an informed decision about your next adventure on wheels.

Download either Google Sheets or MS Excel version.

Please note: spreadsheets work best on a laptop or desktop computer

What you'll find inside:

Detailed Specifications

We include length, height and width, as well as UVW, GVWR & GCCC.

Sleeping Capacity

See how many it sleeps and what type of beds (Queen - lengthway or widthway or convertable beds).

Bathroom Facilities

Full bathroom, combined bathroom, no bathroom or external only bathroom.

URL and Price

Access direct URLs to each model, plus pricing information, where available.

Whatever your specific requirements may be, you can sort and filter through the spreadsheet by the following columns of data:








🔹Fuel Type

🔹Fuel Capacity (gal)

🔹Length Overall



🔹UVW / Dry Weight (lbs)

🔹GCCC (lbs)

🔹GVWR (lbs)

🔹Hitch Weight (lbs)

🔹Tow Capacity (lbs)



🔹Bathroom Type


🔹Exterior Features

🔹4 Season





🔹Propane (lbs)







🔹Price Range

Find your perfect campervan with the Class B Master List!